Advice for couples

We have photographed over 850 weddings in 18 years and we have learned a few things along the way which can be very helpful to couples planning their wedding. These guidelines will help to make your photos absolutely pop!

The end result very much depends on the fit or style of your dress to suit your body type.

Make sure you get professional make-up, someone who can also advise if you need skin treatment leading up to your wedding. Be sure that the make-up suits you.

False eyelashes really do wonders to enhance the photos if it’s something you will consider.

Be wary of instant tans, they can be problematic if you consider your groom may not be a very different shade to you.

Consider leaving you hair down, it always looks more natural and attractive in the photos, especially if a tight up-do does not suit your face shape. Bring along hair spray for a windy day.

If your wedding is in May to August, try to plan your ceremony to start no later than 2:30/3pm so that we can catch the light and be in time for the all-important golden hour. Check online for sunset times on your day. The shortest day of the year is 21 June.

Organising a spacious, uncluttered room with large glass doors or windows for natural light will improve preparation shots dramatically. TVs, kettles etc. makes for distracting backgrounds. Consider using a B&B if your wedding venue has no on site accommodation or if your rooms at home are quite small.

Check with your minister about their preferences for photos during the ceremony to avoid any awkwardness on the day.

If you are very concerned about keeping the guests waiting while we are taking photos of you, then consider taking a few photos before the ceremony. Another option is to set a time for the guests to arrive at the reception venue - just before you plan to. Setting aside one and a half hours for photos is ideal.

Open spaces make for the best photos, tight corners, small gardens, powerlines etc. are more distracting. Open spaces keeps the focus where it should be, on the two of you.

Bring along an extra pair of comfortable shoes for the main photos so if need be, we can walk to the perfect spot for photos.

Appoint someone who knows the family to fetch people for the group shots, give them a list to follow. It’s much better than us as strangers yelling over the crowd.

Pretend that we are not around, be natural, and smile at each other, not at the camera lens.

Get your bridesmaid or Mom to keep some emergency make-up to touch up during the day.

We don’t offer props; it becomes kitschy, but if you want to include something personal, bring it along.

Rain is not a problem to us, we are always keen to go out for photos, bring along a few umbrellas. If it’s a downpour, we don’t pre-arrange a sheltered alternative; we leave that up to you. Just make sure it’s spacious with as much natural light as possible.


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